is a free, open-source software,
available to non-profit organizations to
receive donations effectively.

NF (or Nota Fiscal) is the Brazilian name for sale receipt. Each NF generates a tax refund
that can be donated. But to donate it, you need to get a lot of numbers from your receipt,
so nfscan was created to automatically take the right data from a receipt just but looking at it,
making donating as easy as taking a picture.

// data from receipts

With a picture of the receipt, nfscan scans for the numbers needed to process its donation: the business #, receipt #, date and total. So, with nfscan, when your donation reaches the NGO, all they need to do is to upload it to the government's website. No typing needed.

// how it works

Receipts are often printed on low quality paper with small and cluttered letters making it very difficult to read, even for human eyes. So, nfscan runs several image manipulations techniques to prepare the image to be scanned.

// download

nfscan is free and open-source. It's available for mobile devices and modern browsers, so you and your organization can decide the best way to use it. If you’re not a Brazilian non-profit but find it useful, no problem. You can also join our community and contribute back with source code to make it better. To get the latest versions and to keep up-to-date with development news, use our GitHub repository.

// organizations using it

GRAACC, the NGO that fights cancer, has implemented nfscan in their mobile app called InstaGraacc. With this app, at the same time you take a picture of your receipt to donate it, you can take a selfie and share your donation with your peers.